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Oregon and Washington School Closures

December 13, 2009 Local Information No Comments

What could be more important in a childs mind, than if they can play hookie from school and not get in trouble.

Like a personal day off from the toils of work and a time where fun awaits.

For parents it can be a scheduling nightmare and panic attack.

You can visit to subscribe to alerts from various schools and other organizations for a number of Oregon and Washington Cities. Have the alerts emailed to you, sent by text, or possibly Twitter.

Oregon Live has an update every 10 minutes for Oregon and SW Washington at:

The state of Washington has to help notify you of school closures. A list of participating school districts are at:

For the Portland Oregon Vancouver Washington area local TV stations have helpful information:

Portland Channel 2

Portland Channel 8

Portland Channel 12

For Local School Districts:

Look under the Calendars section for the Vancouver Washington School District.

For Portland Pulic Schools

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