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Property Tax Appeal Deadline Dec. 31st for Oregonians

If you were thinking of appealing your property taxes, the deadline is approaching to file!

Even though your hearing will be from Feb. 1 through April 15, if you choose to have one, your deadline to file is December 31st.

You can start with the back of your property tax statement that has the appeal information, or the State of Oregon which has the form on line along with the County Clerk for the County in which you reside.

Here is a description of the property tax appeal process from the State of Oregon.

The American Property Tax Counsel has an easy to understand overview of the process that is availabe for Oregon and other states as well.

Remember, your real property tax appeal has to do with your property’s value as of January 1 earlier this year, not todays value.

Don’t confuse your County’s Real Market Value with its Assessed Value as there can be quite a gap between the two.

Brent Hunsberger of the Oregonian has an insightful article at

Among other things, he brings out the taxpayers right to “stipulate” with the tax assessor without having to go to an appeal hearing.

The Oregon State Bar has a good article as well.

For those in the State of Washington, you will have to wait until 2010.

Your local County Board of Equilization will have information for you, such as the Clark County Board.

The state board of appeals has a question and answer page that is helpful.

They have a great publication page with information you will find helpful including “Appealing Your Property Assessment to the County Board of Equilization.”

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