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Finding The Best Gas Prices with Charts & Trends

December 15, 2009 Local Information, Travelers No Comments

We are all creatures of habit and that is why we will often go to where we always go, and do what we always do.

Good habits can be a great character builder and an energy efficient way to go. No extra time wasted wondering where we go to shop, have our car washed, or fill up with gas.

But a little check on your personal guidance system might save you some money that amounts to a sack of gold over time.

Mapquest will let you know in a heartbeat where the least expensive gas is. It also shows the date of the price check and lets you ask for directions on how to get there.  A high and low range lets you know how much of a local fluctuation there is. is a nationwide website that can be also be found in Oregon at and in Washington at

At you can find both the lowest and highest gas prices posted in the last 36 hours.

It also has a link to a graph of recent gas prices that will help you see the last months trend (or year or up to 6 years) for your state of choice. Great indicator to encourage you to fill up sooner or later in the week.

If you are traveling across the US they also have a gas price heat map that translates gas prices across the US to color spots based on price. Planning that next trip may net you enough money to keep on traveling for a while.

Question: Do you remember what you paid for gas in July 2008?  Be thankful prices have changed.

See maps and charts below:

Lowest Gas Prices in Oregon
Oregon Gas Prices provided by

Lowest Gas Prices in Washington

Washington Gas Prices provided by

Washington Historical Gas Price Charts Provided by

Washington Gas Prices provided by
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Washington Gas Prices provided by
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