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How do they Figure Oregon / Washington Property Taxes?

January 8, 2010 Cities, Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Local Information No Comments

The question of property taxes and how they are figured in Oregon and Washington can be difficult, especially as compared to California where you can basically take a percentage of purchase price and there you go.

This article gives a good overview of what happens with property taxes.

Here is the link regarding property taxes in Oregon:
Here are the links for the 3 Counties in the Portland Metro area:

Multnomah County
Here is a helpful quote from Multnomah County:
“Legislative Changes
Measure 50, passed by voters in May, 1977 has significantly changed the property tax system. Under the new State Legislation, Oregon taxes are now based on tax rates with several caps on taxes, rather than on valuation which created the tax rates. Measure 50 also eliminated the six year reappraisal cycle which required a physical appraisal of all properties once every six years. Measure 50 created a new tax limit for property, called the “Maximum Assessed Value.” This value can only increase 3% annually unless there have been improvements to the property. However, the assessor must continue to determine “real market value” of properties to determine compliance with Measure 5, which sets an additional limit. Some properties in Multnomah County will have tax limits determined by Measure 5.
Clackamas County

Washington County –
If you were wondering about property taxes in Vancouver Washington just across the bridge from Portland, here is a link to Clark County.
In Oregon, here is the easiest way to visually see what happens.

Go to
17132 SE Johnston Dr

Then Search.

When the results come up click on the “Assessor” hyperlink under the address.

Scroll down and you can see what the value was when it was just a lot, and what it has done since it was built.

It will also show Assessed and Real Market Values.

Here is another one that sold twice and will let you see what happened:

Start a new search.
Enter or copy and paste
0836 SW CURRY ST #1104

For an overview of Oregon County Tax Assessors, you can go to:

In the State of Washington, for county officials’ contact information (including the Assessors office) you can go to:

Besides, the above link has a great map of the different counties in Washington.

The State of Washington has this helpful search results:

This doesn’t reflect state or other taxes, but has a great blog article with a map about property taxes as compared from state to state.

And to compare many individual counties  here is another blog entry by the Tax Foundation. Make sure and scroll down the window to view all the counties.

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