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Want to move to a Specific Grade, Middle, or High School?

Now you can zoom in on this map with links below. Click on the link, then the bold school name, then see the approximate school boundaries and all the houses for sale in them.

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The Best Schools in Oregon and Washinton

If you are moving to a new City in Oregon or Washington, or just wondering what your current schools academic reputation is, this information on schools of interest should enlighten you.

A great all around website for schools in Oregon, Washington, and throughout the nation is  You can look up information about your school of choice, or use their easy comparison pull down menu.

The National Center for Educational Statistics has a school search page which is a good place to start.

You can use that same website to compare two schools within the same state or between states.

The State of Oregon has an interactive School Directory which is a .pdf file you can download to your computer.

Probably one of the best resources is the State of Oregon’s School Report Card

The State of Washington provides a list of Schools and School Districts that is map based and easy to use.

Their “data and reports”  page does a good job of providing most of the information you could want.

Or you could visit their Report Card section.

If you want to find a home  in Oregon or SW Washington based on grade, junior high, or high school, you can go to: